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Luminance Team

About Us

As a professional Special Visual Effects Studio based in Mumbai, Luminance Vfx has been offering innovative animation and visual effects services. We pride ourselves on offering unmatched personal service to build long lasting client relationships. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today.

The Projects

From Concept to Cinematic Reality

The Services

Creative Solutions for Every Project
Rotoscope & Keying

VFX Roto

Green/Blue Keying

Paint & Prep

Wire/Rig Removals

Camera/Reflection Removals

Crew/Object Removals

Face/Body Retouches


2D/3D Compositing

Green/Blue Screen Comp

Crowd Multiplication

Monitor Screen Comp

Mobile Screen Comp

Set Extension

Motion Graphics

TV/Mobile PIP

Motion Poster

Title Animation

Animated Typography

3D Animation